Seattle Parking Violations

I set out to determine where and when Seattle's parking enforcement officers were issuing the most citations through a data visualization.
The purpose: to determine if, at certain times and/or locations, your odds of getting a ticket were ever low enough to risk not shelling out the ~$3/hour in city parking.

To my validated delight, the data viz was picked up by MyBallard and MyNorthwest. However, shortly thereafter I learned that the City of Seattle data set I was sourcing from was not an exhaustive set of parking citations, but police responses to 9-1-1 calls where 'Parking Violation (Non-Abandoned Vehicle)' was the responding event.
It was a positive first step towards answering my question, and perhaps a representative sample of all parking violations, but I'll need the larger parking citation dataset to more apporpriately visulaize the data and then follow-up with an 'Expected Value' analysis.